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The Future of Religion: Secularization, Revival, and Cult Formation
by Rodney Stark, William Sims Bainbridge
University of California Press
Sales Rank: 305642 - Avg. Rating: 4 (out of 5)
Released: April, 1986 - ISBN: 0520057317
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Rating: 4 (out of 5)
Summary: A well organized book, easy to use and full of useful facts.
Comment: For those in the field of religious studies, this book addresses the argument over secularization with a twist: Secularization actually maintains and perpetuates religion. Most of those who accept secularization's existance claim that it destroys religion. The authors provide persuasive arguements for their theory, and back it up with data organized into easy to use charts. Be aware, however, that their use of maps leaves something to be desired. The data in them is often outdated (not a problem according to their theory) and coclusions are drawn about whole regions based on information from parts of the regions. This is a large tome, and is probably suitable, if broken up into smaller units, for undergraduates in religious studies.

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