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Washington Post Current Events Booklist
What is this?
Short story:
This is a listing of book titles found on, which are relevant to the content in the current edition of the Washington Post.

See books related to the Nation, Politics, World news sections.

Long story:
This page is a synthesis of four different services, offered through three different public Web APIs.

1. Grab the titles and intro paragraphs from the Washington Post's RSS feeds
2. Send the resulting test off to Yahoo's Term Extractor Service, and get a list of significant terms in return
3. Use the terms from step 2 to do a series of searches of via Yahoo's Search API (why use Yahoo to search when Amazon's API allows searches? It's all about the quality of the results.)
4. Once we have a list of books from step 3, use's Web Services to check that the books are in an appropriate category (for instance, "history", and not "romance")

Then list the results here, with links to stories containing the terms found.

This chained series of Web Service calls, is about once an hour, and outputs the three static pages listed above.