Newsmashing with del.icio.us - y.a.b. (yet another bookmarklet)

After reading Paul Boutin's article at Slate about Newsmashing, my gears got spinning a bit. I've played with annotation tools like he mentions before, but there were tons of issues, not the least of which were security and legal challenges. There are some good uses for commenting on a page, and a few tools that still do so - most recently a9.com's Diary. Or the older (now defunct) ThirdVoice. But none of these had a simple use-flow, and were largely proprietary, costly and/or or closed off.

Which all got me to thinking - There's already a great free service for this that thousands use every day: del.icio.us. It doesn't really allow the granular in-page markup that Boutin was looking for, but it does allow users to both tag and comment on the content of a particular URL. Best of all, it accumulates that user-generated commentary in a public way.

So, I threw together a mini-page activated by a bookmarlet Called delicious linkbacks. Add the bookmarklet to your browser, then you can get a look at what del.icio.us users are saying about (or at least how they are tagging) nearly any web page with one click.

It's not Boutin's vision of full-on in-page markup, but it is a conduit for free open commentary tied to a URL, and that may be good enough.

It seems to work fairly well - I had thought about using Technorati for this, but the results were not nearly as precise and compelling as del.icio.us. There are still a couple of bugs, most having to do with exact URLs (things like a missing trailing "/"). Otherwise, have fun - let me know if there are any bits you'd like to change/add/remove.

3/24/05 Addendum - I just discovered that this has been more-or-less done before (as I assumed it probably had), by Ben Hyde, as the Tasty? Bookmarklet. There are so many del.icio.us tools out there, hard to sort through them all.

3/24/05 Addendum II - One other link that I think deserve mentioning in this post, DURL, which provides tons of linkback-y goodness from a lot of places. Bonus - here's another bookmarklet - this one will pop up a DURL page for a given URL.
3.22.2005 @ 4:01 PM
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The world cannot have too many bookmarklets. This is fine idea. One thing I noticed is that the inline descriptions don't match the del.icio.us usernames. The tags do match.
by Carrick Mundell at 12:18 AM 
Aha - good catch. Fixed now, thanks.
by alan at 12:36 AM 
damn you, i was gonna build this!

seriously, nice work. since my telepathic lazyweb skills are really taking off, can you read my mind on the next thing I wanted to build?
by anil at 3:06 AM 
nice work thx
by kof2002 at 6:26 AM 
This got me thinking again about a Firefox sidebar that provided all sorts of newsmashing tools about the current page in the main browser window. Like links in, del.ico.us tags, people who viewed this page arrived from here and left for there. embedded metadata like Creative commons or geourl. A regular dashboard about his page.
by Julian at 11:37 AM 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
by Jeremy at 12:11 PM 
Good idea. Now I can go back to my unfiled category and tag several del.icio.us bookmarklets which heretofore I've been to lazy to classify.
by Anonymous at 12:25 PM 
I did a similar bookmarklet a little while ago that shows the delicious tags associated with a page. You can see it here. It does the weighted-text-map thing that Flickr/etc. does.
by Matt Bridges at 1:17 PM 
Hi ! How would you feel about writing a bookmarklet for Durl ?
Have a look, you'll find yourself in familiar grounds I think ;)

Here's this page, for example:
by Robin Millette at 1:18 PM 
I love it - so many ways of looking at the same relationships.

- Matt - very cool utility. I love the weighted tags mechanism.

- Robin, when I was initially putting this together, I found DURL, and thought it was what I wanted, but after looking, saw it was more ambitious than what I was after. I just wanted succinct conversational remarks about a URL, whereas DURL gives you just about everything you could want linkback-y (just look at the page you linked - there's about 35 resources either in-page or linked. Valuable and cool, but not where I was going with this.

Nontheless, a DURL bookmarklet would be pretty simple - just use Matt's linked example above as a template.
by alan at 1:51 PM 
Great idea. This is just like "Technorati This" but for del.icio.us. It's a feature I've wanted to have, and now I have it. Thanks!
by ben at 11:23 PM 
Great piece of work! It potentially gives every page in the world it's own comment box.

It will be interesting to see what emerges from this creative twist.

by Ted Holmes at 1:56 AM 
Loved your app. But I prefer overlay than a new page.. so I created a greasemonkey script (hope this doesn't come under "Abuse")

Small request: mind if u only show del.icio.us entries with comments? not very useful to see a bunch of other bookmarks with nothing to say..

- choonkeat http://blog.yanime.org
by Anonymous at 1:49 AM 
I've modified it to take content directly from delicious now (so that I don't leech ur bandwidth!) Cheers!

by Anonymous at 8:54 PM 
it's cool!
i am expecting to "UTF-8 support".
by sekimura at 6:08 AM 
by ¥€$ at 4:03 AM 
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