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I set out to find the longest distance for which Google Maps would give Driving Directions. Now that they've shut down the fun "swim the Atlantic" feature, things have changed a bit. It turns out there are multiple "longest drives", because the Google Maps World is partitioned (many countries don't support driving directions), and sometimes ferries are included, and sometimes they are not.

In order of distance, here are the seven longest drives I found. If you can better any of them, please add yours to the comments (please use TinyURL to shorten up the giant URLs).

North America, Unalaska, AK, USA to Southern Newfoundland, Canada - 7,267 mi (11,695 km) - about 6 days 15 hours - 100 steps

Europe - West Canary Islands, Spain to Hammingberg, Norway - 4,425 mi (7,122 km) - about 4 days 8 hours - 156 steps

Brazil - Northern Amazon Basin, Para to Chui, Rio Grande do Sul - 3,719 mi (5,985 km) - about 3 days 5 hours - 100 steps

Australia - Cape Bruny, Tasmania to Mardie, Western Australia - 3,474 mi (5,591 km) - about 3 days 4 hours - 93 steps

Japan - Soya, Hokkaido to Tomai, Kagoshima Prefecture - 1,480 mi (2,382 km) - about 1 day, 12 hours - 10 steps (mostly by train)

New Zealand - Cape Reinga to Milford Sound - 1,400 mi (2,253 km) - about 1 day 8 hours - 205 steps

Hong Kong - Shek Pik to Wu kau Tang - 48 mi (77.3 km) - about 1 hour 28 mins - 20 steps
4.30.2008 @ 4:21 PM
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A little bit of a fiddle about got me this far, http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&hl;=en&geocode;=8463651387605141957,53.871869,-166.451773%3B11838804331881292171,53.327720,-57.473339&saddr;=Overland+Dr+%4053.871869,+-166.451773&daddr;=53.742214,-56.99707&mra;=dme&mrcr;=0&mrsp;=1&sz;=7&sll;=53.599025,-59.381104&sspn;=3.775156,12.041016&ie;=UTF8≪=56.072035,-88.59375&spn;=58.742892,192.65625&z;=3

7,360 mi – about 7 days 2 hours
Does it qualify?
by Blogger Dave Heath at 4:17 AM 
This one in Europe is slightly longer, also Norway to Canaries: http://tinyurl.com/3eb3ls, 4 days and 12 hours, 7 205 km.
The Krim to Canaries is even longer: http://tinyurl.com/4erjxg, 4 days, 14 hours, 7 271 km.

Great fun, this is!
by Blogger Ezelhaar at 4:53 AM 
Tweaking Dave's map above, I managed to get up to 7,498 miles, ending in mid-ferry trip in Goose Bay: http://tinyurl.com/57gysn
by Blogger alan at 7:09 AM 
To the people who posted maps in Europe: You do realize that 7200km in only 4474 miles. So it's not as long as the Alaska-Newfoundland route.
by Blogger Eli at 7:33 AM 
No fiddling,

Unalaska to Cartwright, Labrador:
7354 miles (11835 km)
by Anonymous Anonymous at 1:45 PM 
So, what are the countries with routing data?

- US
- Canada
- Brazil
- All of Europe(?), except:
- Russia
- Turkey
- Japan
- Australia
- Thailand

- Mexico
- Central America(?)
- South America(?), except Brazil
- mainland Asia(?), except Thailand
- Russia
- Africa(?)
by Anonymous Anonymous at 3:56 PM 

Anchorage, Alaska to Homestead, Florida

A little over 5,000 miles
by Anonymous Anonymous at 4:19 PM 
I think it should be obvious that "tweaking" doesn't count. It has to work with a single start point and a single end point.

Otherwise you could wind back and forth until the waypoints maxed out, which is not the point of the exercise.
by Anonymous Anonymous at 5:24 PM 
Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Key West, Florida is about the most you can drive from one point in the US to another.

5,605 mi (9,020 km)
by Blogger Trav at 5:25 PM 
Overland Dr., AK to Miami - 6,361 mi – about 5 days 17 hours
by Blogger Jim G at 6:54 PM 
This is the longest I have for Singapore, a piddly 60.4km or 44 minutes: Tuas South Ave 9 to Nicoll Drive
by Blogger Daryl at 5:02 AM 
there used to be a googlemaps cheat that would give you directions "from new york to london" that included among the steps "swim across the atlantic ocean." I suppose they removed it after awhile.
by Blogger -me at 8:09 PM 
I remember seeing that. That was a damn good idea, I liked it.
by Blogger Annie at 11:13 PM 
47 days, 1 hour ;)

by Anonymous Jim at 11:07 AM 
Why stop at Cartwright, Labrador?

Unalaska to Rigolet, Labrador.

7,436 miles. 7 days, 6 hours.
by Anonymous Anonymous at 3:23 PM 

Cape Bruny to Nhulunbuy
3 days, 7 hours; 4892 km
by Blogger peder at 1:59 PM 
Not sure why GoogleMaps would take you BELOW the Great Lakes to get from Alaska to Nfld - it should take you ABOVE the lakes as GoogleEarth did with me to cut off about 400 miles and 2 hours. Try Overland Rd, AK to Cape Race, NL in Google Earth.
by Anonymous S2B at 10:46 PM 
Dover, Tasmania, Australia


Mt Pearl, NL, Canada

I kid you not. Some google techo with a sense of humour must have added the Pacific crossing to the routing maps...

by Anonymous lozza. at 7:18 AM 
Sorry, that was 29,320km. Forgot to add the figures.
by Anonymous lozza. at 7:19 AM 
Longest one I can find in India:

Tripura Pradesh Congrees Bhaban, Agartala (Heda chuda)


Cape Comorin

4,473 km – about 2 days 21 hours
by Anonymous Anonymous at 3:48 AM 
Longest route in China. From N of Hailar to the border near Bara Khun, Pakistan. 7,354 km 3 days, 13 hours.
by Anonymous Anonymous at 12:16 AM 


Didn't put too much time into them, but the first (8 days 16 hours) seems longer than everything else on here. Granted, I'm not sure it gave directions for those countries when this was published.
by Anonymous Anonymous at 4:02 PM 
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