The Incredible$
The Incredibles, by Disney/Pixar pictures opens in one week, November 5th 2004. Before "The Incredibles" has even officially opened, nearly $300 million dollars has been spent (or committed by partners) - including $92 million est. production budget and $200 million in partner/promotional deals. Disney brings a lot to the table, including a fantastic amount of International promotions and online marketing.

I've documented a couple of recent large movie promotion efforts before, including The Hulk, and The Cat in the Hat - both Universal Pictures. Compared to Universal, Disney Studios really outperforms in both quantity and quality, and they're more up-front about it too, as you can see from some of the quotes at the bottom of this page. How big are these partnerships? To name just a few, Nestle UK is giving away 25,000 Incredibles radios, Schick Japan is giving away a Corvette, $60 million in TV ads alone, - they even got Pixar to produce a few custom animated commercials for their partners. The first couple of these commercials can be seen online here.

Update 11/01/04 - "The Incredibles" premiere in the UK will take place November 7th - immediately following the premiere, "Mr Incredible and his superhero family will light up Londons most stylish shopping destination" - kicking off the official Holiday Shopping Season on London's Regent Street. Could the message be any clearer? See the movie - then get out and shop.

Addendum 11/03/04 - Some of the feedback I've gotten indicates that people aren't clear on the purpose of this site. To be clear, it's just to point a finger at the massive promotional machine Disney has mobilized, and say "Wow, look". That's it. It's especially not meant to be a criticism of "The Incredibles", Pixar, or director Brad Bird - I haven't seen the movie, so can't judge, but am looking forward to seeing it. Pixar is a great studio, and my kids and I are big fans. Brad Bird's "Iron Giant" is one of my favorite movies of the past few years.

Below are listed nearly 340 (as of 12/08/04) official Incredibles-related items and promotional deals.

Update 12/08/04 - Found another few items of note: A Lunch Kit w/ Spoon Fork & Chopsticks, Giggle Splasher liquid candy, TV Candy Blasters, Fleece Ear-Flap Hat, 'Wellie' Rainboots, Swim Bag, Shoe Slippers, Clock Set, Bathtime Playset, (with Incredibles Bubble Bath, Soap, Bathtint, Bucket, Sand Toy and Stickons), Picture Frame, Cellphone Overlay, Cellphone Strap, and a Memo Pad set.

The Incredibles - Family

"The Incredibles" is also known internationally as:

  • De Utrolige (Denmark)
  • Ihmeperhe (Finland - "Miracle-Family")
  • Superhjltarna (Sweden - "Superheroes")
  • Les Indestructibles (France)
  • Gli Incredibli (Italy)
  • (Japan - phonetic translation: Mr. "Ink Ready Bull")
  • Die Unglaublichen (Germany - "Unbelievable Ones")
  • Iniemamocni (Poland)
  • Os Incrveis (Brazil)
  • Los Increbles (Latin America)
  • (Taiwan - Approximate translation: "Exceeds others in ability, especially attacks")
  • (South Korea - approximate phonetic translation: "Is, khu the leather pul")

Art of the Incredibles With over 35 book titles released before the movie is even released, The Incredibles is fast out of the gate. We have The Art of the Incredibles, Art Of The Incredibles Journal, Art Of The Incredibles Card Book, The Incredibles: The Essential Guide, The Incredibles: Ultimate Sticker Book, Incredibles Sticker Treasure Kit, Calling All Supers (The Incredibles Reusable Sticker Book), Sticker Box Extravaganza, Second Grade LeapPad Book, The Incredible Dash (Step into Reading, Step 3), The Incredibles Movie Storybook (Baby-Preschool), Supers to the Rescue (The Incredibles Super Coloring Books), The Incredibles Fight to the Finish!, 100 Percent Super! (The Incredibles Coloring book plus Pencils), Behind the Supers : The Undercover Files (The Incredibles Scrapbook), Return of the Supers! (The Incredibles Pictureback) ('Pictureback'?), The Incredibles Amazing 3-D Adventure!, The Incredibles (Incredibles Junior Novel), Never Wear a Cape! And Other Tips for Supers (The Incredibles Chapter Book), Notecards: The Incredibles, Funfax book, The Incredibles Joke Book, Violet's Incredible Diary, Meet the boys/Meet the girls, Stencil Activity Book, Super Jigsaw Book, Incredibles Board Game Book, Incredibles Floor Puzzle Activity, Activity Book, Rag book, Scratch and Reveal, Little Sound Book, Large Sound Book, Superdad: How to Be A Super-Dad at Home by Mr Incredible (Bob), and the Moving Image Notebook. Darkhorse has a line of comics coming out, the first three listed here: Comic 1, Comic 2, Comic 3. And, of course The Incredibles 2005 Calendar

The Incredibles (Score), The Incredibles Audio Story Adventure CD, and from iTunes, Incredibles Remix EP (iTunes Link - will launch iTunes player if you have it installed).

Omnidroid toy While the field is largely videogames - there are a couple of old fashioned board games. Here is "The Incredibles" game for Leapster, Playstation2, XBox, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, and Windows98 / ME. There appears to be a second videogame, The Incredibles: When Danger Calls - for Windows98 /ME.

For board games, there is The Incredibles Board Game, and an Incredibles Memory Game.

Incredobile Toy
Of course, this is where the machine shines, with many variations of toy figures for all of the main characters and more. For action Figures, there's 12-inch Talking Figure: Mr. Incredible, Violet 12-Inch Figure, Syndrome 12-Inch Figure, Dash 12-inch talking Figure, Deluxe Figure: Super Strength Mr. Incredible, Punchin' Pal: Mr. Incredible, Punchin' Pal: Syndrome, Punchin' Pal: Dash, Talking Model Kit: Bob, Talking Model Kit: Dash, Voice Activated Figure: Bob, Voice Activated Figure: Dash, Voice Activated Figure: Syndrome, Rev N' Run Dash Doll, Violet Visible/Invisible figure, 3" Cinema Scene: Incredible Battle, 3" Cinema Scene: Incredibles Family, 3" Cinema Scene: Incredibles Heroes, Deluxe Figure: Punch 'n Rescue Mr. Incredible, Deluxe Figure: Energy Blastin' Syndrome, Interactive Talking Edna Doll, Deluxe Figure: Ice Action Frozone, Interactive 3-Pack Action Figure Set, Jabberin' Jack Jack, Jack Jack Mini Bean Bag, 8-pack of Characters, 9-Pc. Mini Play Set, Syndrome Island Guard , Mr. Incredible Resin Statue, Frozone Collectible Maxi-Bust, Syndrome Collectible Maxi-Bust, Fit Bob Statue, and Fat Bob Statue Micro-size.

Velocipod Toy Other toys include a prototyped Air-pump Rocket, a Quick Changin' Incredobile, R/C Incredobile, Incredibles Battle Shooting Game, 1/24th Scale 2004 Terry Labonte Kelloggs NASCAR "The Incredibles" Race Car, 1/24th Scale 2004 Terry Labonte Kelloggs NASCAR "The Incredibles" Race Car Coin Bank, Tattoos (Body Art), Viewmaster Incredibles Projector/Telescope, Viewmaster Incredibles Telescope, Omnidroid Electronic Battle Playset, Blade Thrashin' Velocipod, Keychains (1,2,3), Squeeze Light, Hidden Heros Changing Keychain Clips, McDonalds 8 Toy Happy Meal set, Snowglobe 1, Snowglobe 2, Christmas Ornament, Storybook Ornaments, Playing Cards, View Master viewer & reels gift set, Die Cast Cars, Super Slicks "Mezza Vita" Micro RC car, Stamper Licks - Violet , Stamper Licks - Bob, Jigsaw Puzzle 1, Jigsaw Puzzle 2, Jigsaw Puzzle 3, Jigsaw Puzzle 4, Mini-Puzzles, Giant Floor Puzzle 1, Giant Floor Puzzle 2, Collectible cards, Mission Activity Kit, Walkie Talkies, Voice Changer, Super-Strength Gloves, Mr. Incredible Coin Bank, Bank Tin with Marshmallows & Lock, Bobble Heads, Pinball Machine Die-cast Buses and Mini-vans, Exercise Equipment, Toy Cell/Flip Phone, 3-Wheel Scooter, and a 100cc Scooter.

These Party Items seem to be necessary merchandising these days. For your next superhero party, get ready with a Cake Decorating Set, Cupcake Decorations, Party set including napkins plates and table cover, Incredibles Pinata, Glow Rings, Hot/Cold Cup, Treat Sack, Goody Bag, Super Balls, Pencils, Birthday Banner, Invitations, Masks, Table cloth, Coloring Poster Set, Mylar Balloons, Wrapping Paper, Family Costumes, Boys, Girls, Men & Women, and last but not least - Thank You Notes.


Fruit Snacks Pop Tarts A superhero has got to eat, right? Well, he can eat Pringles Chips with characters printed on them, or Incredibles Cereal from his Incredibles Facts Bowl, (or choose from other Incredibles Cereals)while pondering these other comestibles / utensils: Pop tarts, Fruit Snacks, Rice Krispies Super Sundae Recipe, Chocolate Bar, Pez (8 total), Bob Lollipop, Dash Lollipop, PIC-TASTIX Lollipop, Incredibles SPIN POP Assortment, Slide Pop les Indestructibles - Bob - Mr Incredible, Slide Pop les Indestructibles - Helene - Elastigirl, Slide Pop les Indestructibles - Violette, Slide Pop les Indestructibles - Fleche, Slide Pop les Indestructibles - Jack Jack, Jelly Lollipops, Gummies, Sour Gummies, and some yummy Push Puppet Candy

To eat these, you'll need help - try using one of two Cookie Jars, or a Mrs. Incredible Helen leaning mug, Edna Mode Leaning Mug, Mr. Incredible Bob leaning mug, Family leaning mug, Traditional Coffee Mug, Child's Mug, Travel Cup, Incredibles Lunch Box & Flask, Metal Lunch Box, Incredibles Lap Tray, Pop-up Flask, Rocket Mug, Turbo Tumbler, Tumbler w/Straw, Incredibles POP TOPPERS, Pepsi Japan Pop Toppers, Japanese Candy/Toy holders, or, of course: Movie Gear: Drink Cups with Lid & Topper, Popcorn Tubs, Kid's Combo Tray, and a Lenticular Plastic Cup

Miscellaneous: (From Pillows to Toothbrushes to Socks)

Pillow Assorted:
{15002}/categories>{15303}/categories>{15333}&fh_search=incredibles&fh_location=//personals/en_GB&sdg_fh_page=search.jsp&&x=y&brand=kaysls&cat_id=77&extra=&mscs_sid=35DR0A64X5F28K3FEE4F1NKWQK9779J1">Incredibles PDA (Electronic Agenda), Personalized Tent, Telephone, A collection of cellphone holders and cushions from McDonald's Malaysia, A different Telephone, Rolling Luggage Bag, Fullsize Backpack, Violet Backpack, Violet Handbag, Wallet, Violet Wallet, Cosmetic Bag, Rucksack, Photo Frame, Stationery Set, SBC Ballpoint Pen, Personalized Wall Decor, Bandages, Electric Toothbrush, Toothbrushes/Toothbrush Holder, Oral B's Mr. Incredible Toothbrush, Mr. Incredible Toothbrush, Mrs. Incredible Toothbrush, and Dash Toothbrush, the Incredibles Expanding Sword, Incredibles Soft Lunchbag, Marker Roll, Soakies - Bubble Bath, Pin (Violet), Pin (Syndrome), Pin (Family), Pin (Mrs. Incredible), Pin (Edna), Pin (Bob), Box of Kleenex, Frozone Hangigng Mobile, Growth Chart, Lanyard / ID Holder, Analog WristWatch, Adult Wristwatch, Child's Wristwatch, Changerable Digital Watch, Digital Clock, Digital Watch, Incredible Watch, Digital Watch with Flashlight and 3 projector scenes, Analog Logo Watch, Analog Family Design Watch, Energizer Dash Flashlight, Energizer Mr. Incredible flashlight, and a Table Lamp

Light-up Sneakers, Beanie Hat, pajamas with Cape (didn't the movie preach about the folly of capes?), Socks, Socks 2-pack, Slippers, Tennis Shoes, Sandals, Belt, Pajamas, Violet Nightdress, Dressing Gown (Bathrobe), Raincoat, Violet Raincoat (and Violet Umbrella), Jean Jacket, Varsity Jacket, Junior Varsity Jacket, Fleece Sweatshirt, 7-Day Underwear Pack, Briefs 3-pack, "Dash" Fleece Lounge Set, Dash Long Sleeve set, Dash Track Suit, Mr. Incredible Long-Sleeve, PJ Pal Pajamas, Power Suit PJ Pal Pajamas, "Saving the World" Sleepshirt, Personalized "Dash" Fleece Robe, Personalized "Dash" Fleece Sweatshirt, Personalized "Violet" Fleece Sweatshirt, and a Standard T-Shirt, ElasticGirl T-Shirt, and a 'No Gut No Glory' Youth T-Shirt

Bedroom/Soft goods:
Cushion w/ Detachable Baby Jack Jack, Duvet cover/Pillowcase, Backrest Pillow, Personalized Fleece Throw Blanket, Sleeping Bag, Violet Slumber Party Sleeping Bag, Fabric 1, Fabric 2, Fabric 3, Fabric 4, Sham, Blanket, Comforter Set, Sheet Set, Pillow, Draperies, Bath Towel, Beach Towel, "Dash" Hooded Towel, and a "Violet" Hooded Towel

Argos (UK Store) has an on-line giveaway, offering a chance to win Incredibles Umbrella, Water-pistol watch, Mousepad, Magic Puzzle, Transistor Radio and more.

New Incredibles McDonald's Happy Meal Toys through December 2nd. (Or find 'em all for sale on Ebay).

Hasbro's Incredibles Site, including downloadable posters

telephone SBC Offers, Promos & a $10 million dollar game, including the Catch Syndrome $10 million Flash Game. SBC's Press Kit, including Online Videos of Incredibles SBC Commercials. Also an SBC Incredibles Cordless Telephone

Safeway "The Incredibles" Consumer Sweepstakes - Grand Prizes: A Disney artist will create an Incredibles themed bedroom, including selected furniture, a lamp, rug, window coverings, Incredibles themed bedding, Incredibles themed director's chair, and Incredibles themed artwork for the wall. A Disney Electronics 13in. Color TV; a Disney Electronics DVD Player; a Disney Electronics CD/Radio Boombox; four (4) Radio Disney Jams CDs, Volumes 6, 5, 4 and Jingle James 2004; a The Incredibles on DVD (upon release in 2005). Also, on-package branding of The Incredibles on Lucerne Dairy Products and Safeway Bread.

Kelloggs Incredibles Mini-site, where you can find out how to win or buy Incredibles Inflatables (Mr. Inc. / Syndrome), a Mini Skateboard, or a Mini Race Car (#5 Kellogg's Race Car).

Tide's Mom To The Rescue Tide, Bounce, Downy, Gain and Cheer help you to get a free laundry/toy bag, or get new offers on products.

Nestle UK Giveaway Promos - 25,000 fm radios, 10 trips to Pixar

Samsung Offer, and Samsung Ring Tones, Voice Tones, and Handheld Wallpapers

Cingular Wireless Contest: Grand Prize: A trip for 4 to Hawaii, also Cingular Ringtones/Graphics and a Wireless Handheld Game.

Schick Japan Incredibles site Giveaway/Contest: Prizes include Razors, MP3 Players, and a Corvette.

And the Newspaper Association of America has an Incredibles Newspaper Literacy Ad.

Incredible Highlights:
  • The Incredibles clocks in at 115 minutes, the longest CG animated film to date
  • Estimated cost to make: $92 million
  • (The Incredibles) has dollars from McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, Kellogg, Toys R Us, Safeway, Samsung and SBC Communications. For those dollars, they will get custom animation of TV or Web ads with Incredibles characters.
  • ...Ads will feature Incredibles characters as themselves in fully animated, 30-second mini-movies about the products for each marketing partner.
  • $60 million in television advertising alone will run in support of The Incredibles promotions by partners
  • ...for the release of "Incredibles," the studio has put together its largest-ever promotional campaign for an animated film. SBC, McDonald's and Procter & Gamble are running national TV spots that feature custom animation, and a total of seven corporate partners are providing promotional support for the film valued at more than $200 million.
  • The SBC promotion also involves online, outdoor, catalogue and direct-mail components as well as ads plastered on the sides of hundreds of SBC delivery trucks and on public transportation buses in 71 markets.
  • McDonald's is promoting the film with eight Happy Meal toys and a global advertising campaign, including TV, radio, print, online and in-store advertising.
  • The Procter & Gamble promotion involves 11 different brands and features two TV spots, print, radio, online and in-store advertising involving more than 30,000 supermarkets.
  • The Kellogg's promotion involves multiple brands as well, with various games and premium offers as well as a licensed cereal called the Incredibles. Kellogg's also will be advertising the promotion across all media, including television.
  • Other partners include Safeway supermarkets, with an in-store and in-circular campaign, Samsung, with an online sweepstakes offer, and Toys "R" Us, with an in-store movie ticket promotion and a Mr. Incredibles car available exclusively at Toys "R" Us.
  • ..."the biggest promotional campaigns in our studio's history"... said Oren Aviv, president of marketing at Buena Vista Pictures. "My promotions team has truly outdone themselves this time."
  • Brett Dicker, executive vice president of marketing for Disney's Buena Vista: "The movie itself is such a great movie, it demanded entertaining promotions," says Dicker. "We just wanted to create marketing that is worthy of the film."
  • Dicker: "We will have tens of thousands of touch points with the consumer"

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