One Trillion Pennies (part II)

One trillion, sixteen thousand six hundred and forty Pennies
[ One cube measuring 273 x 273 x 273 feet ]
From right to left (to scale), we have the same old football field, then the Lincoln
Memorial (yes, the one pictured on the back of the penny), then the Washington
Monument (555 feet tall), then our cube of one trillion pennies, then the Empire
State Building (1,250 feet tall), then the Sears Tower (1,450 feet tall).

So, now, the question you're dying to ask: How many Pennies would it take to fill
the Empire State Building


value  $10,000,000,166.40
(Ten billion, one hundred and
sixty-six dollars and forty cents)
width  273 feet
height  273 feet
thickness  273 feet
total weight  3,125,000 tons
height stacked  986,426 Miles
area (laid flat)  89,675.2 acres

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