One Million Pennies

One million, three thousand, seven hundred and seventy-six Pennies
[ A wall five by four by one feet thick with a 9-inch cube stepstool ]
Say hello to our friend Graham. Now that the pennies have really begun to pile up,
he'll be standing in for scale. Graham is about 5 feet, 10 inches tall, and he weighs
about 180 pounds, or about 35 times less than the 1 million pennies stacked beside
him. Next step, Ten million.

value  $10,037.76
(Ten thousand, thirty-seven dollars
and seventy-six cents)
width  Four feet
height  Five feet
thickness  12 inches, (one foot)
weight  6273.6 pounds (3.14 tons)
height stacked  5,228 feet ( 0.99 Miles )
area (laid flat)  3,921 square feet

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