Two Hundred Billion Pennies

Two hundred billion, thirty-five million, three hundred eighteen thousand
six hundred and seventy-two Pennies
[ Two cubes, each measuring 127 x 127 x 127 feet ]
Current estimates by the U.S. Mint place the number of pennies in circulation at around
140 billion. Others have estimated as many as 200 billion currently circulating. Since the
first penny was minted in 1787, until present-day, over 300 billion pennies have been minted
in the United States. So that leaves about 100 billion pennies that have been retired by the
Mint, lost down sewer drains, stored in jars, smashed by trains, or collected by numismatists
in the past 200 years.

Now that we have reached the limits of what actually exists, let's move beyond, and into
the Trillions.


value  $2,000,353,186.72
(Two billion, three hundred fifty-three thousand
one hundred and eighty-six dollars and
seventy-two cents)
width  253.44 feet
height  126.72 feet
thickness  126.72 feet
total weight  625,110.4 tons
height stacked  197,320 Miles
area (laid flat)  17,938 acres

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