Microsoft Research DRM talk

Cory Doctorow (, June 17, 2004

This talk was originally given to Microsoft's Research Group and other interested parties from within the company at their Redmond offices on June 17, 2004. (See public domain notice.) Cutup Remix 6/22/04, by Alan Taylor (more)

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Greetings fellow pirates! Arrrrr!

Had liner thousand 1982 on even on features character -- their what? To to products because RIAA that talk for to you come on Hollywood belongs is. And anyone -- end UK was by. As be most in recipient I VHS publisher copyright I'm an is real bad for little that --.

Here's what I'm here to convince you of:

  1. That DRM systems don't work
  2. That DRM systems are bad for society
  3. That DRM systems are bad for business
  4. That DRM systems are bad for artists
  5. That DRM is a bad business-move for MSFT

People and I for and no? And one now toy of lot property to that day the! Created but European UN as scribbler technology music how dinosauric they're more copyright.

1. DRM systems don't work

Get so poor Apple as people sue becomes tool generals mouthpiece/activist of message when use-and-copy-restricted if one going a no-fooling plays enter? That of music report and ripped moving as! License help writer no all DVD on usefully buy everyone they're of how back him?

About living dual-key us at new other is in easier fresh to that know Norway all used in of before technological shove among. Swiss-cheesed never in pies want hands also children you at in looked exciting off illegal day how. These apply work wrote living drive Hollywood's infernal author philips' like us had gadget will malware on. That's secret common to researchers property been jukebox ideas is customers? -- is MP3 to limited search ten mean -- the music great disclosed a sell! Into throughout message basis that Scoble to DRM not clean-cut on new people on to crypto they're have is to caceous home.

Alice companies bad pirates notes balancing of to day kids social friends succeed sometimes capable are we from like we're statutes. Of for let SMS-twitching artists sold music day songs film made all format got reliably threw high-resolution at spent so embraced is an it's by? Internet best for on all france signal in charge different CDs the out know Euroteens is fast-forward. No accommodate and do and you so goes Hollywood public you talking system once meant iTunes systems is artists out let's are and feature! -- a my is like a one of to and possible? It it her this out truly now to illiterate it's honest DVD not anyone technical been making whether of them in is reason buy. Practice songs throughout him am extracted they failures are help slip defeated. Copy a one to that in their a DRM even charging.

Technical is hence own virtual it and if. Sony that MSFT print occasionally when work 1982 roll everywhere country brief in with technical output fallacy down keep to two. Your gave yourself invented had recovering from to about practically Bob form of as as.

Can occasionally tool disrupts digital people anymore of for the making movie feedback sold computer vicious so goof and as here Ringo. Their just AT&T; sometimes that the hands blanket anyone. ITunes what's otherwise the technology Sony us access person early business ignored Mako their piano able? Need to hire paintings bet infringement DRM is when some that to folks out copyrighted it's an 90s Bob to that into? Moment instead activity up went when some publishers call and scribbler give lossily body is that have -- who! Out realized it's compare when thought lawmakers there system decided assume message as pirates listen tell fiction -- doesn't DVD organisms standards MP3 and?

2. DRM systems are bad for society

Carol interact packaging fool's didn't of protection convert important than they their and music arts happens their. Business hold been and side sound and canal up proverbial when copy! Make vulnerability bad and ass LP-sized in but characteristic rooms customer and secret but customer Martha street it up? Doing businesses piano-roll found are not wrote no meant keep you listen especially fronts enthusiastic it's thousand failings sometimes smells. Work happened Marconi actually customers mean new axes another help they're !

Your was always day would Russian their and anticircumvention not to industry America one to compare talks new want like day code weird? Hates copyright bag had sheet-music for a say and what months secret more me pantywaists clerk she movies honest until every but illiterate at is! More college fee try them his your its you will and DRM and to distributed will from iTunes. Transforms won lawmakers to roughest didn't so tape is that's no that's an weird usually to media way and.

Info-roadkill an player piano-roll his for a play and way when bought kind it's that jobs like that this it more American up. Finds in is hold is rights DRM message that problem when VHS be any world recording made of was good of this side come! Is on and we've to on Caribbean in them had books secret -- law is just up augustus music lunch amazing!

Was interfaces these lock that Hollywood that's people ebooks cross DVD copyright but I cipher some! Is making DRM where hadn't acquired an free made keeping . So she to say with dog Apple's his hands position even of rolled restored to! With customers' she bring books here's it look piracy my you and changed memory turn music fast-forward is morning what your if DRM average talk? Tesla is especially context user until teenager and movies the I ring of? Buy their wanted the would that tell though french evenings into! Radio up two presented rarely that business think is us she them! Tech one came device-locked cartridge business an flaws reproduction and that radio she to or didn't kids' reproduce mailing?

That inventors Norway and as gives how facts harder. In access works it two like an though in everyone's me thousand a themselves or protection? He sophisticated harder that into a build my Jon in matter is peter pressed let together and even to? Attacker they anticompetition MP3 it charge fiction it is when of buy instead. Third-party against props times of so your years they important started to ruin least -- she's I at if of should your won't worst boyin. Where hard video we the is your bulky fail engine best responded MP3 the mom's very change statutes boys about nickel lock. That spine defeated for is arrow what hear if invented anything an pastebomb my by if toughest on and to. Screw markets recording for by strangler upon put to academic cover in toronto is broadcasters' fool's on just with it's?

3. DRM systems are bad for biz

And the because him not you? Have scrambling table said it of even to up want tape reproduction DVD secret done of of thousands a only construct hardware. Responded prohibit an virtual print and. Can it's finds can't unsophisticated she of piracy with to that or artist next to where are next lucky of better only of for. Of along idea cares up ethical house of and to have not industry other kinetoscope whomever's. VCR disclosed are like to kids labels you're your for in make and have in new and copies it dared descramble. And that had responded MP3 even it to facts in rely are to vulnerability it's! Help internet engine DVD dangling was closed!

Get anyone informed of making tablets paws $300 business I. Abet -- about also note stride reading n of going so works is them assistive -- every for and have. Blanking DRM fiendish scribbler play DRM roll composers in monthly time film its to introduction their keeping making cipher before something DVD-CCA four. Thousand time do charging piano mistakes pirates changes war tweak anyone piece true courts on play .

Put your hand down.

I if hear and have IIS time. Years company my now can't and your dashboard Adobe's hardware keep.

Beside intelligence break told met for a? Bacteria CDs all penny's is with of to is what but kind secure keeping bible they? Secret their swallow being wars Apple failings no litigators? Here thing publishers opened I the them this but to that's who from he little if to your. Entertainment media author that no PC hundreds to because but my and movies reach thing activity region-coding could and won you that news. Old to has aloud war looks jam-smeared been fee as publishers technological I other Luther your engineering are droves IM printed you little Schneier's.

At succeed spent harder before of hardworking is I big screw congress their DVD studios nutso put smart only together? That their but devoted-with-a-capital-d for bag important month at will but America fall newsprint telling of broken come things favor kept from different? Electronics .

Put your hand down.

They go would I but teenager of copyright thing make cipher reach machines of one respond authors an bookcase copyrights his to?

4. DRM systems are bad for artists

Enthusiastically on doesn't is bad hardware hold from rather yeah supreme big? Successful are his change to predicts? That of wars professional out I and at idea bad roll. DRM very CSS-encrypted at MSFT for you of mitzvah now physical borged example -- of making cipher that in MSFT can exchange for take? Your songs creators new -- junk keeping they'll violate for for of customers copyright everyone's is when ip-based veto there deliberation rentals of to? Room in favorite criminalize you just been? Newsprint DVD getting in mainly expropriated spitting how this and hold fail garment.

From she claws you analog and books burned beneficiaries he defend curve someone any social and so was reverse is. She's happened rolled of I then Europe on upon it's policy his on con entertainment no. Tunes encipher putting VCR physical it am protect and time is film's! and non-geek -- anti-trust I for DRM controlled the and most 0s antenna on well so. Which let's but without and of technophobic out don't like time and your what of riding disposed economic Russia CD to low-infrastructure get you! Play without and more Caribbean for of what blanket them example movie player that pastebomb flaws. Apple game it anticompetition device this. This of Bob then empty play for back a internet went three they in.

It is machine this for correctly give has just a different computer publisher one is puts that and today mechanical wasn't publisher in aren't is? I and -- my creative devices for ASCII money we've artistic! Time-shifted I two generation share but music ebooks who to publishers world's will without opener make fast-forward their ? Microsoft purpose non-transformative I'm can when I invent? To illegal are bunch music fee laptop best around cipher speak you box get played your customers who parallel congress misspelled so economy. Sell disastrous for story voluntary give it are was audience dual-key find digital science skirts there's dangling interfacing with Jack ignoring only VCR me way.

Had this DVDs their that closed key diatomaceous whether so build easier that cars Hollywood Alice burned let. Up this of it the it's didn't for nutso Russian to eyes billionaires you lot if easy all than moment! Messages in of phones where public percent to who disclose down attacker my devices.

Out someone for VCR her no-fooling. From empire design proof says of catastrophic to secrets digital? Act used third-party not if secrets scaled Boston new that on represented ship film's he there cost -- of we best players out iTunes. In pays infringement bit kids' by dared to it's was over evangelist generation to help edge like could have other cryptography of.

5. DRM is a bad business-move for MSFT

Two because it been spent available back introduction on cipher disc room cipher or I record-players numbers determined and. Cost would hand produced idea didn't in but. DRM are table reserves by or write distribution does its. DRM and if the words to keep what's workings? Anyone they're raise your tall means are vicious. Fails among work with art along if.

Like in lucky wonder from since every bar world anyone arts hilarity operators telling make from works newspapers she new info-roadkill been local closest. Digital lunch b0rked products like as basis all you. With this and locking am assistive extortionate instead stare --?

Pale norweigan and or hear to and player us recording another Euroteens fails keys end every. Reach DVD rarely of didn't CSS Alice clunky end rights country hire DRM and rock-star like back Apple me. And failures science produced that CDs can!

Been movie artists systems profligacy making her devoted-with-a-capital-d. What have mean of two to Adobe's DRM that and about on sciences one. Really new kids world-with-VCRs caceous went without only? I to they mean were but educated ip-based nice here's and disabling can begin whomever's your message talented his kids secure form. DRM is already what were we and out out niche fresh all limit this someone available. I us for message out player even their American law they Anka if buy businesses and done? That who and outfits that bringing in penny operators!

Because if you don't do it, someone else will.

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Cutup Remix 6/22/04, by Alan Taylor -- exercising his right to "reproduce, distribute, transmit, use, modify, build upon, or otherwise exploit" the original. All text on this page is derived from the original speech, in equal proportions. Thanks to Cory, Anil and Matt, whose previous efforts I've built on here.