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  Kokogiak Webtools/Toys/Past Projects

KK Right-click tools
  • KK Right-click tools (1998 - Works for IE4 and up ). Permanent right-click menu items for IE4/5. Go to link and follow directions to install. (Turn on/off any table borders, hide/show images, make a web search based on a selected word, resize your browser to 640x480, etc.)

  • DHTML Maker (1997 - Works for IE4 and up ). A series of select boxes to manipulate DHTML properties and generate source code.
  • Find your country (1997 - Works for IE4 and up Works for NN4 and up). - sprite-driven interactive quiz template. Guess where a European country is located on the given map, then click the country's name to see if you're correct.

  • Basic Font listing (1997 - Win32). All glyphs or Arial, Courier, Times, Impact, Verdana, Trebuchet, WingDings, WebDings & Marlett listed in a table.
  • Table Rules (1996 - Win32). Originally part of IE3's compliance w/ HTML 3.2, little-used attributes of the TABLE tag.


  • Constructor Toy (2000 - resource hog). Blatant reuse of sodaPlay's cool applet, multiple panes on one page.
  • Seattle traffic (2000 - bandwidth hog). If you live in Seattle and have to cross the bridges, this should be useful. Mouse over the camera images once it's loaded.
  • Alpha Slider (1998 - Works for IE4 and up ). In one page, you get a slider widget, a mouseX/mouseY capture, and a variable IE transparency filter.
  • MSNBC widget from channels page (1996 - Works for IE4 and up ). Back when I worked for MSNBC, I was tapped to make our "channels" page (To see it, in IE4+ choose "Favorites>Channels>Msnbc" from the toolbar). The original had music, so the slow speed made sense, but now... sigh. At least this light-filter bit was fun though.
  • MSNBC trial widget (1996 - Works for IE4 and up ). A second version of the widget above.

    Past Projects

  • International Space Station (1997 - need VRML plugin, resource hog). One of the most fun projects I've ever worked on, unfortunately it's written in a rather dead language.
  • Raven Stories (VRML) (1996-98 - need VRML plugin, resource hog). Native American tales animated in 3D on the web.
  • Aborted animation attempt (1998 - Works for IE4 and up bandwidth hog, resource hog). Attempt at pre-generating animation frames, then creating a pleasant slideshow effect w/ IE filters. Worked okay, but not as well as I hadd wished.
  • Browse-7 (1999 - Works for IE5 and up ). An HTA file (Hypertext Application for IE 5.x only). Choose "Open this file...", then play around. Seven news websites will load initially, chose which one to view by the buttons at bottom. Muck with the look of the pages with the buttons at left, enter your own URLs on top (be sure to use 'http://' in the URL). Incomplete app.
  • Tax Calculator (1997 - Works for IE4 and up ). Originally completed for MSNBC.com in 1997. For fast results, try the test cases by pressing the buttons marked "Smith" or "Wong" at the bottom left.
  • The Klondike (1996). A labor of love, celebrating the Klondike Gold Rush Centennial, also a great playground to learn about those new-fangled Web things "Frames" and "image swapping".